SCHURTER is launching a tool for engineers to experience the projected capacitive touch features.

SCHURTER is a known leading manufacturer of electronic components. But next to this, SCHURTER has a growing division, called Input Systems. Input Systems offers complete touchscreen solutions including displays, housings and electronics. We have a wide range of industrial displays and standard touchscreens for HMI integration and we can also manufacture our own customized PCAP sensors.To introduce the touchscreen capabilities within SCHURTER to our Components customer base, we introduce the engineering TouchKit

How to use the TouchKit

About the engineering TouchKit

SCHURTER’s engineering TouchKit will give the opportunity to get the first experience with capacitive touchscreen technology. This kit includes a plug&play 10.1” touchscreen sensor, with a SCHURTER controller board. For the more experiences engineers, a USB stick is included with more detailed analytical software. It enables the engineer to setup and execute tests with and without the active stylus and experience the extensive set of features. This complete TouchKit gives the engineer a full opportunity to get experienced with the latest projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAP) technology.

TouchKit brochure

Because this TouchKit is supplied by SCHURTER and not by a chip supplier, we are able to offer you fully customized touch solutions in the next (design) phase.
This kit helps you to define specific requirements for your custom touchscreen solution, it enables you to get good understanding of the possibilities of a projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen. It will also help you to shorten the development phase to a custom touchscreen integration.

Multi touch
The Projected Capacitive Touchscreens (PCAP) of SCHURTER are usable with up to 10 fingers simultaneously.

Stylus operation
The PCAP TouchKit comes with a stylus which offers high accuracy and pressure sensing.

Water resistance
The touchscreen can be moist without detecting a false touch. With little water, the touchscreen will continue to work. With a lot of water, the controller will switch the sensor off.

Hand palm rejection
The touch of your palm is not detected as an operation.

EMC 10 V/m
When the touch controller is correctly assembled, it will be compatible with 10 V/m radiated and 10 Vrms conductive immunity.

   Touchscreen solutions from SCHURTER
   SCHURTER is a leading manufacturer of touch solutions. We have developed      extensive know-how and expertise in our line of business to guarantee our
   customers the latest technologies and features. SCHURTER offers complete
   touch solutions including displays, housings and electronics. We have a wide
   range of industrial displays and standard touchscreens for HMI integration, and
   can also manufacture our own customized PCAP sensors. Our Protoshop
   offers the possibility to provide fully functional prototypes at an early stage of


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